No new enquiries?

In this guide we explain what you can do if you don't have any new enquiries to accept. 

Where New Enquiries Originate

Consumers looking for professional advice come to the Unbiased website to either browse the Directory or to be 'Matched'. When they submit an enquiry, we forward it to professional advisers that

  • have matching expertise,
  • have a matching 'value' threshold; and
  • operate within the catchment area

Factors Affecting Receipt of New Enquiries

Based on the above, you'll recognise that there are multiple factors that can impact the volume of enquiries you'll receive in any given time period. This will also be impacted by additional factors such as:

  • market demand (for your enquiry criteria)
  • competition (in your selected locations)
  • the number of locations you operate in / have configured in Unbiased

If You Have No New Enquiries...

Regardless of whether you have just set up a new account with Unbiased and are waiting to receive your first enquiry, or if you're already receiving enquiries but want more - the best thing to do in every situation is to contact your account manager.

If you have a newly configured account, your Account Manager will be able to review your criteria, location (checking enquiry volume vs competition) and help you to make adjustments so that you'll receive your first enquiry very soon.

If you have an existing account, your Account Manager will be able to review and optimise your settings and also make suggestions about potential location swaps or additions that will help you to receive a suitable volume of the type of enquiry you're wanting.