Mobile & Desktop Enquiry Alerts

Ensure you're ahead of the competition with mobile and desktop enquiry alerts

Accepting enquiries with pace is essential to secure enquiries while they're hot. Consult our handy installation guide below to ensure you're alerted quickly to new enquiries.

iPhone Installation

Adding Unbiased to your iPhone home screen:

  1. Open Unbiased Pro website on your mobile browser then you will be prompted to add to your home screen. This is how it will look:


    Note: If you miss this popup to install the app then you can do it by clicking on the three dots on the top right corner in the browser.
  2. Once added on your Home screen then it will look like this.


Allowing Notifications

iPhone Enquiry Notification Alert Set-up:

  1. When you open Unbiased Pro on your mobile, you will be prompted to allow notifications. Click on “Allow”. This will look like this.


2. You need to click on ‘Allow' button in order to receive the notifications.
After you click on ‘Allow’ button another prompt is displayed and you need to click on 'Allow’ again. This will look like this:

3. Once you have allowed the permissions. This is how notifications will look on your phone. This example is from an iPhone, Android may look slightly different.
When you click on this notification you will be taken to the enquiry page to view more details.

Android Mobile (Chrome)

You should be prompted with a popup on logging in to Unbiased Pro without the need to install the app.

By navigating to and logging in, you will be presented with a popup requesting permission to send notifications. By clicking allow on this and clicking allow on any subsequent native browser popups, this should allow your device to receive enquiry notifications from Unbiased.

Getting Enquiry Alerts to Your Web Browser

  1. When you open Unbiased Pro, you will see a notification banner at the top of the page, which will prompt you to allow Unbiased to send you notifications. Click on “Turn notifications on”.Screenshot 2023-12-18 at 10.02.53

  2. You will then see this prompt to allow notifications through the browser. Click on “allow”. c7d9aaa6-6cf0-4aaf-aef2-9a94e4f4ba50

  3. When you open Unbiased Pro on your browser, you will see the notifications toggle on. Click on the padlock symbol in the toolbar at the top to access this. To toggle notifications on and off click the slider. Access this way is particularly helpful if you have previous rejected the above 'Show notifications' step but want to now allow them. 810276c6-aae1-4f1f-8cf6-b21a1d4f5ce2

  4. Once notifications have been 'Allowed' you will see a welcome notification indicating push notifications can now be sent.

Unsubscribing from Notifications

If you wish to unsubscribe from notifications all you need to do is click the 'Turn notifications off' button in the banner at the top of your desktop page in the pro app.


Common Questions

Q: I'm not receiving any notifications. What do I do?

A: For mobile. Delete the app from your device and re-add. This should prompt the notification permission box again and allow you to sign up fresh

For Desktop.

Chrome users can toggle the site permission from the site information box found below by clicking the icon next to the web address. Toggle the permission off and refresh the page.

Microsoft Edge users face the same interface in their URL address bar. You can access permission to toggle off and refresh the page this way.

Safari users can access their website notification settings by navigating to Safari Settings > Websites > Notifications. Remove any permissions for Unbiased Pro and refresh.

If the above removal of permissions direct for any browser occurs, seek to clear the cache and cookies in your browser for Unbiased Pro and refresh.


If you would like advice or support about any of these features, please email: or call 0121 285 6986 during office hours.