How to Request an Enquiry Refund

To speed things up for you and make the process more efficient, we've made further changes to the process for requesting an enquiry refund.

All refund requests must now be sent from the Enquiry Details screen within Unbiased Pro (and each refund request will require its own submission).

The Request Refund button can be found at the bottom of the left-hand information
panel (scroll down if necessary).
  • Log in to Unbiased Pro
  • From any tab on the Enquiries screen, find the enquiry you want refunded
  • Click on the enquiry to open the Enquiry Details screen
  • Scroll down the left-hand side to find the Request Refund button
  • Click the Request Refund button
  • Complete the form that opens up (providing as much information as possible)
  • Click Submit to submit your refund request

    Request Refund Desktop Version
    Request Refund Mobile Version
  • You can view pending refund requests by using the status filter on the 'Accepted' and 'All Enquiries' tabs in your account.

Full details of the refund process and eligibility criteria can be found here.