Selecting Your Preferred Client Criteria

A handy guide to ensure you only receive verified genuine enquiries that match or exceed your client preferences.

Within your Unbiased dashboard you can set your criteria to only receive enquiries from the clients you want. These filters include advice area, client assets, mortgage size, pension size, and how you provide advice (face to face, online, telephone). 

Once you’ve selected your criteria, we’ll only send you enquiries that match or exceed your preferences.

Minimum Values

To Select Your Preferred Client Criteria: 
1. Log into your dashboard. Click ‘Profiles’ on the left-hand navigation. 
2. For the profile you want to set up client preferences for, select ‘Actions’. From the dropdown select ‘Manage profile’, taking you to the profile editing page.  
3. In the ‘Company information’ tab you can select your preferred minimum wealth value of prospective clients.  

In the ‘Expertise’ tab, you can select the advice needs of your preferred clients.  
In the ‘Manage profile’ tab, you can select the methods of advice and special offers.

If you would like advice and support, your Account Manager please email: or call 0121 285 6986 during office hours.