What supporting evidence do I need to request a refund?

To provide a quicker turnaround of credit refund requests, supporting evidence of your contact with the matched lead (and of the outcome) is mandatory.
This is in line with our terms and conditions which state that credit refunds "are conditional upon you providing us with documentary evidence to our satisfaction confirming the circumstances giving rise to the refund request" (section 4.3.4.).
There may be circumstances where the supporting evidence for your refund is sparse, i.e. after ringing a lead by landline. In instances such as this, we encourage you to provide as much detail as possible to support your claim and to submit screengrabs of the written email correspondence between yourself and the lead.
Note: examples of insufficient or non-relevant supporting evidence includes screengrabs of your database, a blank JPEG file, or a photo of your pet, etc.
You can also email your call recordings to the Unbiased team as supporting evidence, however you must ensure you undertake this in line with GDPR law (e.g. confirming with the lead that the call is being recorded, and obtaining permission to share the recording as reference with Unbiased).
You can upload up to 5 files in either PDF, PNG or JPG format, with a maximum file size of 10mb.
Important: If supporting evidence is not sufficient within the refund request, the customer support team will:
  • place the refund request on hold and email you to request additional evidence, e.g. the email correspondence.
You are required to respond to this email with additional supporting evidence within 10 business days. Evidence submitted outside of this 10 business day window will result in the refund request being declined.
For support with your account or enquiries, please contact your Account Manager by email: pro@unbiased.co.uk or call 0121 285 6986 during office hours.