What new features have you introduced?

We’ve added a whole host of new features to make it quicker and easier to manage your enquiries through to conversion. These include ​

  • Uploading leads from other sources into your Unbiased client management software so you can keep track of all your clients in one place. This provides a solution for keeping track of client communications and management for those advisers without CRM systems.
  • Automated welcome message so you can greet prospective clients with a customised welcome message ​
  • Adding notes to each client on your lead pipeline tool to keep track of conversations and actions ​
  • Schedule alerts to receive reminders when you need to take action ​
  • Updates to the chat feature so it's even easier to keep in touch with clients and prospects through the in account instant messaging ​
  • Trusted Professional Adviser badges - increase your credibility, boost SEO and link people to your Unbiased profile with an official website and email e-badge. ​
  • Changes to your account layout to make accepting enquiries and converting leads as simple as possible. These include
    • Moving Performance Analytics to the top of your home screen for easier tracking and measurement
    • Making it easier to view and manage multiple profiles by adding Profiles to the left home screen navigation
    • New quick action buttons for each enquiry summary within the conversion management tool so you can add notes or send a new message without needing to open each enquiry
    • See the last client message within the ‘new enquiry’ preview in the conversion management tool. So you can view the clients full needs without clicking into the enquiry
    • View your latest Notes on each enquiry summary so you can quickly and easily remind yourself of any key actions.
  • We also have a number of new features coming down the line including exporting leads to your own CRM via CSV and enhanced location reporting to bring you greater visibility on each location performance to monitor your ROI and help make key business decisions.
  • In addition,we have simplified the structure of our Growth plan so you can now grow your coverage by adding multiple paid locations up to 85, and manage them under one account within your subscription. Your subscription will still include a free inclusive location, with the option to purchase additional locations for just £50+VAT
  • We have completely rebuilt the directory to take greater advantage of developments in Google search algorithms ensuring you appear in search results and improve your brand visibility.