What are the different types of enquiries?

There are four different types of enquiries – ‘Direct’, 'Match', ‘Advanced’ and ‘Marketplace’   

Direct enquiry 
A customer can choose to search locally for an adviser. By entering their postcode, area or region, they will be shown a list of local professionals to choose from. If the customer chooses your firm, they will complete an enquiry form that will be sent directly to you. This is a ‘Direct enquiry’. 

You then have 24 hours to respond to this enquiry before it expires (or 48 hours if it comes in over the weekend). 

Match enquiry 

A consumer can choose to be matched to the most suitable professional for them. By filling in their key criteria, Unbiased then matches them to an adviser whose preferences most closely match the enquiry. This is a ‘Match enquiry’. 

For more information on how match enquiries work, click here

Advanced enquiry 

A professional might fail to respond to, or choose to reject, a direct enquiry within the timeframe (24 hours or 48 over a weekend). The enquiry will then be forwarded to professionals in the local area who are most suited to the customer’s needs. This is an ‘Advanced enquiry’. 

The first professional to accept the enquiry within 12 hours will receive the customer’s contact information. 

Marketplace enquiry  

Exclusive to the Enterprise plan – access to high volumes of nationwide enquiries via the marketplace, including exclusive enquiries from partners. Filter and tailor your search for enquiries you want and purchase in bulk.