What are special offers?

Special offers are pre-determined client discounts that you can offer on your profile. You can list up to four special offers to help you stand out in the search results:

A free mortgage review

A free financial health check (+£50 off advice)

A free pension check (+ £50 off advice)

A free investments check (+£50 off advice)

For each type of offer you choose to provide, you can display the relevant badge on your profile. Although these are pre-determined offers, the exact scope of the offer is up to you.

Broadly speaking, it should offer more advice than you’d provide in an ordinary free initial meeting – and the client should feel that they’ve obtained some value or useful knowledge from it.

For example, a free mortgage review might look at a client’s current deal and circumstances. It would then suggest broad alternative ways to secure a better long-term arrangement, without recommending specific products.

Similarly, a free financial health check might include a basic fact-find - looking at the client’s current savings, investments and protection arrangements, identifying key risks and opportunities for their financial situation.

All special offers except the mortgage review should include a £50 discount on the fee for any subsequent advice.

For information on how to add special offers to your profile, click here