Updating Your Email

How to update your email for enquiry notifications, primary email, and login

Enquiry notification email: 

To change your enquiry notification email, click ‘Profiles’ in your dashboard’s left-hand navigation.  

From here, select the profile you’d like to add the new email address to, click ‘Actions’ and then ‘Manage profile’ from the dropdown.  

On this page, scroll down to the ‘Contact details’ section and you can amend the email address. 

Unbiased ProAppNot receiving our enquiry notification emails?
Please check the following: 

1. Add our email address ' and our domain 'unbiased.co.uk' to your safe sender list;

2. Check we are not a blocked sender.

Please contact us directly and without delay if you are not receiving email notifications from Unbiased.

Primary email: 

To change the email address where we send general account notifications and service emails, please click on 'Company Details' in your dashboard’s left-hand navigation.  

From here, edit the 'Primary Email' field and save.    

Unbiased Primary EmailLogin email: 

To change your login email address, please contact: pro@unbiased.co.uk from your registered email address. 

If you would like advice and support, please contact your Account Manager by email: pro@unbiased.co.uk or call 0121 285 6986 during office hours.