Release Notes - 2nd December 2021

Included in your latest release...

  • The ability to chat to your Customer Support Agent from any screen within Unbiased Pro
  • Update of historically refunded enquiry status (for better visibility of historical refunds)
  • Multiple improvements and fixes

Chat to your Customer Support Agent from within Unbiased Pro

Following the recent launch of the chat feature, we’ve now rolled this out across the entire Unbiased Pro app and also made it available on mobile devices too. No matter what task you’re working on, you can contact us for help from that same screen.

Update of Historically Refunded Enquiries

Since the introduction of the Refunded Enquiries tab (which displayed your newly refunded enquiries), we’ve now updated all of your historically refunded enquiries so that they appear there too (providing you with a complete picture of your account). As a result:

  • Refunded enquiries no longer appear on the Accepted Enquiries tab.

  • The Accepted Enquiries CSV export does not include Refunded enquiries.

  • A new Pipeline Status field has been added to the All Enquiries CSV export.
    This is available from your Dashboard and means that Refunded enquiries are now easily identified in that data download.