Release Notes - 24th February 2022

This release brings you significant improvements in the way that Adviser Profiles are created and managed. The updated functionality makes it:

  • Quick and easy to manage Adviser Profiles
    (especially for customers with multiple Branch Profiles on the Directory)
  • Simple to control the display order of Advisers on your Branch Profile page 
    (and update this at any time)

We've written two guides to help you start to benefit from these new features:

  1. Moving Adviser Profiles to the Company Level 
    This is a guide for customers of Unbiased that have configured Branch and Adviser Profiles prior to this release (on 24th February 2022). It explains what has changed and why, and includes instructions on how to take advantage of these new time-saving features by quickly and easily migrating their data. 
  2. How to Manage (Company-Level) Adviser Profiles 
    This guide explains how to quickly and easily manage the way Adviser Profiles appear on the Directory for each of their Branch Locations. 

If you were a customer of Unbiased prior to 24th February 2022, it is important that you first Merge Duplicate Adviser records to start taking advantage of the new time-saving features.

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