Release Notes - 23rd September 2021

In this release...

The latest updates and improvements to the adviser Pro app include:

  • The ability to see newly Refunded enquiries more easily
  • Improve UX on the Marketplace for our Enterprise subscribers
  • Performance improvements - with quicker page loading speeds

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View Refunded Enquiries Easily

As well as seeing your refunded enquiries on the All Enquiries tabs, you can now see them in the Pipeline (on the right-hand column) and on a dedicated Refunded Enquiries tab.

Improved UX on the Marketplace

The Marketplace has been updated to have a more feature-rich design that allows you to:

  • Sort enquiries
  • Choose which columns to display (click the Settings icon on the right-hand side)
  • Change the order in which the columns are displayed (also available from the Settings icon)