Release Notes - 20th May 2021

In this release...

The latest updates and improvements to the adviser Pro app include:

Enquiry Filter Enhancements

The newly designed filter bar has been added to the Expired / Rejected Enquiries tab meaning that the same filter functionality is now available across all Enquiry tabs.

In addition, we’ve introduced 3 new filters to help you find the most relevant enquiries to you:

  1. Primary Advice Area

  2. Secondary Advice Area

  3. Asset Value

Email Notifications for the Upcoming Integrations Feature

Ahead of the launch of the Unbiased API and Integrations feature (which allows you to automatically sync Enquiry data from Unbiased to your other business systems such as CRM and BI reporting), we’ve added a page so that you can enter your preferred email address to receive more information about this feature.


Fixes and Improvements

This release several other small fixes and improvements including:

  • More intuitive multi-select on the Profile dropdown selector on the Dashboard analytics page.

  • The removal of Personal FCA number from Adviser profiles (which incorrectly reported an invalid number).