Moving Adviser Profiles to the Company Level

This is a guide for customers of Unbiased that have configured Branch and Adviser Profiles prior to 24th February 2022.

It explains what has changed and why, and includes instructions on how to take advantage of these new time-saving features by quickly and easily migrating your data. After migrating your data, you may want to read the full guide on ‘How to Manage (Company-Level) Adviser Profiles’. 

Adviser Profiles Pre-February 2022 

Historically, when you wanted to display an adviser profile on your branch location Directory page, it was necessary to add an adviser profile to that specific branch profile. If you then wanted to display that same adviser profile on another branch location page in the Directory, you would have to create a duplicate adviser profile for each additional branch. The more branches and advisers you have, the more duplication of records and effort was required to set them up. 

If you ever wanted to make a change to an adviser profile (or delete one), you’d have to make that same change within every single branch. 

Specifying the display order of adviser profiles on your Directory listing was also not easily achievable. 

The latest updates resolve all these issues. To take advantage of these new features, it is necessary for you to action the new Merge feature described below

Adviser Profiles Post-February 2022 

To resolve the issues described above we have changed the data model so that adviser profiles are now added at a company level (instead of branch level). You can then associate a single adviser profile with as many branch locations as you wish (as illustrated below). This makes the task of adding, managing and deleting adviser profiles quick and easy. 

Merge Duplicate Adviser Profiles
(to start benefiting from the new features) 

We’ve done 99% of the hard work for you by elevating all your adviser profiles from the branch level up to the company level. However, if you had the same adviser listed on more than one branch, then this will have resulted in ‘duplicates’ being created. 

You need not take any action, and everything will continue to work as it did previously. However, you won’t be able to take advantage of the new time-saving features. 

To start taking advantage of the new time-saving features, use the Merge button that you’ll find on the Company Advisers screen. You can navigate to this tab by clicking on Profiles (from the left-hand menu) and then selecting the Advisers tab. 

20220211 16-02-34 Image 001

This Merge feature will remove duplicates and works by: 

  • Assuming adviser profiles with an identical First Name, Last Name and Email Address are the same person 
  • Assuming the last updated of these adviser profiles is the most up-to-date (and therefore the one to keep) 
  • It then deletes the older ‘duplicates’ 
  • Finally it links the newest ‘kept’ adviser profile to all of the branches that the duplicates were removed from 

This is explained after you click the Merge button and you will be asked if you wish to proceed (as there isn’t an option to undo the update).  

Click the Merge button and Confirm when prompted. 

20220211 16-02-37 Image 001

Now that you’ve merged your duplicate profiles you may want to read the full guide on ‘How to Manage (Company-Level) Adviser Profiles’ which describes how to use the new features including specifying the display order of adviser profiles on your Directory listing.