Marketplace Refund Policy

Enquiries purchased via Marketplace are subject to a separate enquiry refund policy and can only be refunded in the form of credits to your Unbiased account in the event of a:   

a. Spam enquiry: where it can be reasonably concluded from the message that the Enquiry is spam (e.g., Mickey Mouse);  

b. Duplicate Enquiry: the Enquiry is from a User who you can demonstrate through documentary evidence has already contacted you via the Unbiased Service with the same name, contact details and the same Enquiry (and for which you can demonstrate you have already paid an Enquiry Fee);   

Marketplace enquiry refund requests must be made within 10 business days of purchase via the ProApp. Enquiry refunds will only be provided in legitimate cases (with evidence as required by Unbiased in its absolute discretion) and that meet the predefined criteria herein. The outcome of Unbiased’s refund investigations is final and cannot be overruled on appeal, even in the case of additional or supplementary evidence.   

Please see here for our full Professional Terms of Use.