How does the Response rating work?

The Response Rating shows clients how active mortgage and financial advisers are in responding to enquiries.

Accepting or rejecting enquiries will have a positive impact on your rating. Letting enquiries expire will impact it negatively.

This is because rejecting an enquiry allows it to pass through the system more quickly than if its left to expire, ensuring we can match a client to a professional more quickly.

If you respond to all of your enquiries you might not get 10/10, as you’d have to accept all enquiries to get this. Simply responding to all enquiries will be enough to give you a high score.

Rejecting enquiries will improve your Response Rating by less than if you accept them, because the client will have to wait longer to be matched. This could result in your Response Rating going down slightly, even if you’ve responded to all enquiries you’ve received.

This is because the rating is calculated over a rolling 30 day period. If in the previous month you accepted more enquiries, and this month you rejected more, your rating might go down. But it will still be higher than if you let them expire.

If you don’t receive enquiries for a certain period, your rating will stay the same.

The rating is not based on how quickly you respond to enquiries. Only by letting an enquiry expire does the speed of response matter.


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