How do I purchase credits?

You will continue to buy enquiries online as you do currently but instead of charging your payment card, you will pay using credits. Credits can easily be purchased in advance or at the point of accepting an enquiry if you don’t have sufficient credits available in your account to complete your enquiry purchase. You can choose to add a fixed or customised amount depending on what you need.  Adding credits to your account is simple, follow these easy steps:

  1. Login in to your account and go to the billing section and select the credits tab
  2. Select the number of credits you wish to purchase and select ‘Top up my balance’ 
  3. The payment card on the account will be charged and a summary of how many credits you’ve purchased, your credit balance after the top up and the amount charged will be displayed.   
  4. Your credits will instantly be added to your account.   

    Click here for more enquiry pricing and credits FAQs.