Enquiry pricing and credits FAQs

Changes to pricing

Why has Unbiased decided to change their prices?

What’s the benefit of the new pricing structure for me?

What changes have been made to your pricing structure?   

How are you associating the value of the enquiry to the price I will be charged?

I'm an accountant. Do these changes apply to me?

Credits and the new credit system 

Why have you introduced credits?

What’s the benefit of the credit system for me?​

Can I continue to charge my payment card for the purchase of enquiries?

How are credits calculated?

How do I purchase credits?

Is there a minimum / maximum number of credits I can buy? 

Will I be able to set up a recurring credit amount on my account?  

Will credits have an expiry date? 

What happens if I'm not able to redeem credits in time?  

    What happens to my credits if I cancel my subscription/s?   

    Can I receive my credits back to my original method of payment?  

    Can my credits be transferred to another location if I move company?  

    Is there any difference between a refund, goodwill top up or recurring (auto top up) credit?

    How does VAT work with credits and the price of an enquiry?  


    Will I still get my Plus token?

    If I have multiple locations; can my Plus token be used across all locations or will it only be possible to redeem these against one location?  

    Will my Plus subscription need additional pre-paid credits to redeem an enquiry of greater value than the Plus token?  

    What happens if I redeem my Plus token against a lower value enquiry? 

    Why are Plus tokens being transferred into £45 worth of credits instead of the current £54 value?


    How is your refund policy impacted by these changes?   

    If I am unhappy with the quality of an enquiry, can I be reimbursed and how long will it take? 

    What happens if I pay for a top-tier (high value) enquiry and the information the consumer has supplied on their wealth and assets is not correct?

    What happens if I accidentally purchase an enquiry and I don’t want to contact the consumer?  

    What happens if I accidentally purchase credits that I don’t want or need, can you refund me to my original method of payment?  

    I am expecting a refund for an enquiry purchased before 7 October, how much will I be refunded? 

    Enquiry value information 

    Is the estimated value of an enquiry something the consumer will see? 

    Are you open to getting more accurate information on the value of an enquiry based on my fees?