Does Unbiased Integrate with Intelligent Office (Intelliflo)

At present it is possible to sync your Unbiased enquiry data to any of the 4000+ apps that integrate with Zapier. You can do this using our Zapier integration.

You can browse and search the full list of Zapier-supported apps here:

Unfortunately, Intelliflo (formerly Intelligent Office) do not currently offer Zapier support - and so it is not possible to directly sync your Unbiased enquiry data into Intelliflo.

However, if you have other applications syncing data into Intelliflo, then if those are supported by Zapier (see the above list/URL), it would be possible to transfer your Unbiased enquiry data into Intelliflo e.g.

Unbiased -> 'other Zapier-supported system' -> Intelliflo

Intelliflo have published information about their integrations here.