Auto-Acknowledge Your Purchased Leads

Instantly welcome your newly accepted leads by creating an automated chat message in the ProApp

Unbiased's research shows that using the auto-acknowledgement (welcome message) on your profile increases your chances of lead conversion. The welcome message is emailed to the lead from Unbiased, directly after your purchase of their enquiry.

Welcome MessageTo Enable the Auto-Welcome Message:

  • Log into your Unbiased Pro Account;
  • Click on 'Profiles' on the left-hand navigation;
  • Click on your 'Main Profile'; 
  • Scroll to the 'Welcome message' section and type your welcome message (up to 1500 characters);
  • Click 'Save Changes' button to ensure your work is saved and live.

Please note that 'custom locations' will need to have the welcome message updated individually.

Tips and recommendations for your welcome message:

  • Ensure your message is concise and without mistakes or typos;
  • Ensure that all agreed timings in your copy are adhered to, to prevent the lead from going cold (e.g. "We will contact you within 24 hours");
  • Where possible, disclose the telephone number and name of the Adviser that will be making contact with the lead, so that they anticipate the call.

    If you would like advice and support, please contact your Account Manager by email: or call 0121 285 6986 during office hours.